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Muscle Dense was created by a fitness enthusiast who was frustrated by the overwhelming amount of misinformation on the internet and social media.

Welcome to Muscle Dense! My name is Imran Ahmed and I’m a gym addict… Too straightforward? I’ll dial it back a bit.

My name is Imran and I love working out (even leg day). I train 6 days a week, love the food I eat and overall I’m much happier the way I am now, body and mind.

But I wasn’t like this 5 years ago.

My first year of training was quite chaotic. With no direction or guidance, I aimlessly wandered the gym going from one exercise to another. Nothing really changed going into the second year BUT there was ONE THING that I was doing throughout that would end up catapulting my physique

Almost everyday I’d watch a YouTube video or read some sort of fitness related scientific study. It could be “how to dumbbell press”, “best pre workout for beginners” or “creatine powder vs pill?”.

Through study, experimentation and persistence, I eventually achieved the physique I have today.

I’m now in a place where friends, family, and fellow gym-goers look to me for advice on their fitness goals. I’m not qualified as a personal trainer yet people look to me for guidance with their routine, diet and their form.

I didn’t ask for this yet now that I’m here, I realize that I enjoy helping people with their fitness goals.

I created Muscle Dense to help people in the same position I was in during my early years of training. I noticed that a vast amount of misleading information exists online, making it difficult for fitness enthusiasts to find accurate guidance.

My goal is to share the truth with you – the information you need to hear, rather than what you may want to hear.

All the content we will publish on this site has been written using scientific research and personal experience

I hope that I can help you become a better version of yourself through Muscle Dense.

Be Better than yesterday

Imran Ahmed

Founder of Muscle Dense